Step 1: Your Country

Know the political, social, economic, and geographic aspects.

Country Studies


The Economist

U.S. State Department

The World Atlas

Background on Europe

  Step 2:  The Issue

Identify the nations involved in the issue and the impact it has on the global community.

Current Events


Foreign Affairs Classroom

Foreign Policy Association

Social Science Research Council

History News Network



BBC News


Step 3: Your Position

Establish your country’s position and prepare to defend that point of view with a strong, viable argument.

Crisis Group

Brown University / Choices

U.S. National Security

Amnesty International

The United Nations

Step 4:  The Position Paper

Prepare a position paper, a written argument that includes three points related to your country’s position. You must support this position when question by the other delegates. Join with other nations in resolving the issue by creating a resolution paper for all to vote on.

Sample Position Paper

Public Speaking

Sample Resolution Paper

Phrases in a Resolution

The following flow chart will help you in researching and writing your position paper. Click on each of the prompts in the order access helpful webpages. Refrain from Google and Wikipedia searches because of their limitations.

Conference Preparation Procedures