AP Exam Review

         THE NEW EXAM (2018)

Section I, Part A: Multiple choice—55 questions; 55 minutes (40% of exam score)

The multiple choice questions will follow a prompt usually an excerpt, graphic, or chart. The questions will require you to apply one of the HTS’s (Historical Thinking Skills), practiced during the school year. There will be 4 responses to choose from.

Section I, Part B: Short answer—3 questions; 40 minutes (20% of exam score)     

What's New: The number of required questions has been reduced to three, and the time provided will be 40 minutes. Students will now choose between two options for the final required question:     

Question 1 (required): periods 3–8     

Question 2 (required): periods 3–8     

Students will choose between question 3, periods 1–5, and question 4, periods 6–9

Short answers will require you to write a paragraph responding to instructions that may or may not have a prompt. They will consist of 3 parts that should be answered concisely. No bulleted responses will be accepted.

Section II, Part A: Document based—1 question; 60 minutes (25% of exam score)     What's New: Five minutes have been added, and the document-based question now focuses on topics from periods 3–8.

The free-response section begins with a mandatory 15-minute reading period . Students are advised to spend most of the 15 minutes analyzing the documents and planning their answer to the document-based essay question (DBQ). Suggested writing time for the DBQ is 45 minutes

Section II, Part B: Long essay—1 question; 40 minutes (15% of exam score)     

What's New: Five minutes have been added. Question choices still focus on the same theme and skill, but students will now choose from three options:

Option 1: periods 1–3

Option 2: periods 4–6

Option 3: periods 7–9