AP Exam Review

                       The New Exam

The exam is 3 hours and 15 minutes in length and consists of two sections:

Part I

   Multiple Choice (55 questions in 55 mins  / 40%)

   Short Answers   (3 questions in 4o mins  / 20%)

           Required: Q1-Per 3-8 and Q2-Per 3-8

           Choose: Q3-per 1-5 or Q4-Per 6-9

Part II

Document Based Question (1 essay 60mins / 25%)
 4.     Free Response Question     (1 essay 35 mins /


Long Essay Question (1 essay / 40 minutes/15%)

         3 options: Per 1-3, or Per 4-6, or Per 7-9

The multiple choice questions will follow a prompt usually an excerpt, graphic, or chart. The questions will require students to apply one of the HTS’s (Historical Thinking Skills), practiced during the school year. There will be 4 responses to choice from.

Short answers will require you to write a paragraph responding to instructions that may or may not have a prompt. They will consist of 3 parts that should be answered concisely. No bulleted responses will be accepted.

The free-response section begins with a mandatory 15-minute reading period . Students are advised to spend most of the 15 minutes analyzing the documents and planning their answer to the document-based essay question (DBQ). Suggested writing time for the DBQ is 45 minutes .Students are required to answer one essay question in each part in a total of 100 minutes .

Both the multiple-choice and the free-response sections cover the period from the first European explorations of the Americas to the present, although a majority of questions are on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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